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Industrial brushes from single piece to large orders.

Cazzola Brush

Young people

To those who say “I know” we prefer those who are always looking for stimuli to pursue through fresh and always different ideas, young minds at the service of the new.


Our brushes are already present in 25 different sectors but the model that most interests us is always the one we have not created yet, the one designed for you.


Who has time do not waste time, let alone those who don’t have it. Present your problem, the solution to solve it may be closer than you think.

We preside over what is known and we build the new

We offer a wide range of consolidated models alongside the versatility of tailor made pieces.

We always start with a handshake.

This is because we want the relationship that is created between us and those who choose us to be constituted by a pact upheld with professionalism and transparency in every stage of the production process.

La soluzione condivisa è per noi l’unica in grado di portare questo nome.

Grazie all’incontro di idee e competenze provenienti da settori completamente diversi raggiungiamo un risultato definito in prodotti che traggono forza da varie esperienze e in grado di definire una soluzione positiva a più esigenze specifiche.

The planet is our business

Let's preserve it together

Choosing Industrial brushes, you are choosing a product designed and made by artisan hands.

Our production of brushes is so diverse that even our production adapts to them.
In fact, our equipment is mostly built by us in our factory.
We do this to obtain a result of quality and confidentiality.

The brushes are made with materials that are easily disposable through environment friendly processes.

Finally, the production waste is recycled thanks to a sophisticated disposal process studied in collaboration with the appointed bodies.
Our vision of the world is taking care of the materials used and not wasting them, knowing that each material used has a wonderful history and comes from many different places in the world.

Our work is a dream which is pure, we take materials which are different from one another, and have different stories, and thanks to the Italian artisan imagination we transform them into a unique product.

Economic aspect: the price is always a very important lever, but we believe that the right product can save you money.

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Customization 100%
Material quality 98%
Transparency 100%
Technological avant-garde 92%