Production and sale of brushes

Industrial Brushes

We produce brushes for 25 different sectors

Each of these sectors has its own needs.
each of them finds the perfect solution.
then there are challenges, our favorites.


We produce more than 25,000 different brushes. Find the right one for you, beginning from your business sector.


Made your choice? Perfect! Now let’s continue combining the right strand. There are 24 different types available for you.


Did not find what you need? No problem, we can create one for you! Let’s start by choosing the base…

We are looking for new ideas...

Let's start with yours!

We are not sure if you already have what you want, but we are sure we can achieve what you need. Structure, tools, assortment and staff, these are the bases on which we build each of our brushes.


Annual brush






The tools make the difference when you have to be fast, concrete and precise. This is why we keep our company updated with the latest technologies.


To work with professionals you must be one of them. Regular updates, research and experience allows us to collaborate with hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies from the most diverse sectors.

How do you make a brush?

The production process


At the beginning there is always a problem to be solved. Whatever it is we call it by the same name: objective.


This time it is appropriate to say: we must start from the base. The foundation of the brush is created here.


Here the difference is made. Yes, because choosing the correct filament is the final step to reach the goal.


Problem solved, and now? A perfect brush for you, a new challenge for us!

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